I'm extremely excited to introduce the official cover art for my first novel, Cydonia. 

By way of my old friend Mason Kesner, I was referred to Star7Creative, a local Fort Smith brand that specializes in graphic design for businesses and independent projects. I met with the brand's creator, Jacob Steininger, one morning in early February to discuss my ideas for the book's cover. My vision for the design was to keep it simple; to keep it ambiguous enough to keep readers wanting to know more, while still displaying some of the book's themes in a subtle manner.

Jacob contacted me about a week later with the finished product, which you now see before your eyes. I was immediately blown away at how well he captured my vision for the design. I believe anyone who reads the book will be able to look at this cover afterwards and appreciate how well it represents several of the book's themes.

Just seeing this design gets me excited to get the story out into the world. I'd like to extend an extra special thanks to Star7Creative for this work and I encourage anyone in the market for graphic design to shoot Jacob an email. Check out his portfolio here: https://star7.myportfolio.com/projects


The next big announcement regarding Cydonia is the official release date, which I'll be announcing in just a few short weeks! Stay tuned!