After a long and stressful two years, my debut novel Cydonia is finally ready for release. The experience has taught me so many lessons about the writing process and what is truly required to produce a full-length novel.

My initial "schedule" I planned to keep before beginning the first draft in November 2015 had me at this stage by June 2016 at the very latest. So much for that. I have no resentments about not keeping to that schedule, though. Not everything in life is a race to the finish. That's always been one reality I've had difficulty accepting, so this was a helpful exercise in fostering patience and recognizing its merits. 

With the help of my friend and editor Abby Frye, Cydonia has been revised and edited into a final copy that tells the story as well as I can imagine it to be told. Some of it is sad, some of it is surreal, and some of it is downright weird, but I think the story addresses several fascinating questions and theories regarding mankind's deepest mysteries.

The first notes that evolved into Cydonia's plot manifested through an interest in dreams, but I believe the project as a whole grew from a basic interest in life's meaning and a desire to examine the idea of life after death. The process of dissecting this great mystery through my own fiction was an unbelievably rewarding experience, and I'm overjoyed that this story is finally scheduled for release.

Cydonia will be available in eBook format on August 8th, and print copies will be available for order on August 15th. Included below is a special look at the full cover design, created by Jacob Steininger:


Cydonia Cover_Print.jpg